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I keep trying to understand why Africa, with its vast mineral wealth, time and available labor, is not one of the most prosperous continents in the world. I try to comprehend why African nations are content with being the beneficiaries of international aid and make little effort to become truly independent.

Why is it that as a nation we haven't improved since independence but rather moved further south into the abyss. In 1957, Ghana was the first Sub Saharan country to gain independence, yet in the decades since, most Africans have not seen any major improvement in their lifestyles.

Why do most Africans leave their home countries for better opportunities? Why is brain drain a continuous and growing problem when there is a wealth of home grown knowledge? How long can Africa and Africans keep relying on remittances? And why are all failures blamed on corrupt governments? Would things really change if only the government was less corrupt?

These answers are not simple but one thing is clear – most Africans are limited in thinking due to limited access to information. Most Africans do not know what they need to know. Nothing is being done to counter this cancerous problem. To counter this problem, we must think to convert a non informed pessimistic mind to an informed and optimistic mind.

Africa and Africans have had their own share of the human burden and I think it's time for the world to start thinking of better ways to alleviate that burden. It is the second largest continent by size and population, blessed with more natural resources than any other continent. Its citizens have proven beyond doubt to be the most creative; the African immigrant population in America is the most with college degrees etc but the question is, why is Africa still what is it? Over 500 billion dollars has been poured in aid in Africa and there is still no change. So where does the future lie?

This is a very important topic which I believe the world should pay attention to because Africa holds the future of the world. The world's population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 – they will have to depend on Africa for food and natural resources and habitat such as land and minerals etc. So Africa's betterment is not only for Africans but for the world alike.

The underlying problem of Africa's myriad crisis today is due to the lack of access to information and the non availability of a support platform to enable its citizens to become sustainable within their communities. The lack of information access stems from its very poor and expensive education system. This is due to the fact that it really doesn't matter what your college back ground is to get a job. The typical African student just wishes to graduate with any degree to get any job available. This factor has led to the brain drain problem that has caused more harm than good to the continent in general. The increasing school dropout rates in countries in Africa has led to an increase in youth delinquency, an increase in unemployment, an increase in cybercrimes, and an increase in rural urban migration rates which has led to over population in main cities and is the cause for poor living standards and an increase in tropical pandemic diseases.

Nevertheless, Africa is blessed with numerous resources but its citizens are said to be sitting on a dead capital. Once Africans are able to know what they need to know, they will become more democratic, responsible, innovative, sustainable and successful, setting a stage for a developed Africa.
YAA and its programs seek to provide the citizens with access to information for development and capability to become innovative, sustainable and successful within their communities.

How long shall Africa remain undeveloped?

My answer is: Not one day longer than necessary

History cannot be changed but the course of history can be changed. A radical transformation is needed for Africa. It is today's youth whose involvement will change the course of tomorrow's history.

Experience shows that when given the opportunity, young people can be intrepid innovators, productive workers, and enterprising entrepreneurs. Youth are at the forefront of the information and communication technologies revolution. By bringing creativity, enthusiasm, and leadership to the table, young people are invaluable partners for social development. Permanent and profound damage is caused when contributions are excluded because they are part of the solution, not the problem. Generating employment opportunities for young people is a widely shared goal. However; there has been little movement beyond rhetoric to concrete and effective actions. Efforts need to be infused with a sense of urgency, vision, resolve, and guided by practical experience. There are undoubtedly many paths to success.

The future lies in the hands of the youth and their related activities. The youths are the future of tomorrow, mentors of today, and learners of the past. I believe that true success can only be achieved by engaging the youths in paving the path ahead. Youth led organizations hold the key unlocking the answers that are yet to be successfully implemented.

Therefore, the need to launch this program cannot be ignored. Our success will mean success to the economy in particular and the world in general.

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"I'm encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun."
- Muhammad Yunus
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